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Cannabis Consulting

Cannabis ConsultingCannabis Consulting

How We Grow Cannabis Hawaii

Flowering cannabis plants outdoors outside hawaii in pots Indica Sativa early flower

As a Service Disabled Combat Veteran suffering from PTSD and chronic pain I have found a serious lack of clean, safe, consistent, high quality medicine available at an affordable price so I started growing my own.  The process of cultivating my own Medical Cannabis is extremely therapeutic and I would like to share what I've learned with others so they can benefit as well.   Not only is the art of cultivating healing but the end product is specifically tailored for my personal needs and is far cleaner, safer, better quality, more consistent and more affordable than any other source...Let us show you how...

Young cannabis plants in pots hawaii outdoors outside Indica sativa

How We Grow Cannabis

We provide the knowledge, skills and abilities so you can effectively and economically grow your own medical cannabis to help you insure you have a quality, sustainable and safe supply of medicine grown for your specific needs. 

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Our Goal

Help You Grow Hawaii would like to show you how to create your personal garden to meet your personal needs.